A recent, and terrifying event at Rancho Burro was a breakout of the donkeys that resulted in one getting hit by a car. Somehow a back gate was mysteriously opened at night fall, and 10 of the donkeys “hit the road”! Unfortunately, Tutti (pictured with Carlen), our sweet 8-year-old, was picked off by a hit and run woman that we would like to find. Miraculously, she is OK. She has no broken bones and no internal injuries. At the time of the incident there were many great people and vehicles stopping and attempting to help get the donkeys home.

We have three new rescue donkeys here at Rancho Burro. Chili, Dory and Casanova. They came from a lady in Paso Robles Ca. whose health had failed to the point where she could not care for them. One of the three, Chili, with the coat on, is a sweet 30-year-old that is desperately in need of help. She is very emaciated and needs to be given the type of feed that can be processed by an older animal like her. Food like processed hay pellets as opposed to raw hay and straw. Our vet came out, examined them, and took samples for diagnosis.

We have now closed on the new Rancho Burro property at 4855 Righetti Road, SLO, Ca.

Isaman Design in SLO, Ca. has been contracted to handle the architectural aspects of this new 45acre site. The extra space will give us the ability to take in more homeless donkeys and provide them with a more appropriate topography to roam. This landscape will more approximate the healthy, open range grazing life they would experience in the wild.

Rancho Burro is embarking on a plan to move to a new facility … a facility capable of providing a better environment for our current animals as well as additional barn space for more needy “long ears”. Another benefit will be much more pasture space for them to roam. It is heart breaking when we have to pass on taking in donkeys that need a home due to space limitations. We have clearly outgrown our current location which is primarily a rural residential, people centric neighborhood. For our new “donkey focused” facility, we have purchased a former cattle ranch in the Edna valley of San Luis Obispo, Ca. This nearby, 45 acre property, is undeveloped land so we face a big project involving electric power, water, roads and ultimately, buildings and pastures.