August 2020

We have now closed on our new Rancho Burro property at 4855 Righetti Road, SLO, Ca.

Isaman Design in SLO, Ca. has been contracted to handle the architectural aspects of our new 45acre site. This extra space will give us the ability to take in more homeless donkeys and provide them with a more appropriate topography to roam. This landscape will more approximate the healthy, open range cruising life they would have in the wild.

The plan for this new facility, in addition to the open range aspect, will be a large barn that includes stalls, areas for feeding, a medical treatment room, bathing area and storage for supplies and machinery. Attached to the barn will be a small residence, giving us convenient access to the donkeys.


Our interest in donkeys, and their wellbeing, began in 1999 with the introduction to a sweet donkey named Harry. Harry was confined to an abandoned property alongside Highway 101 in Avila, Ca. where he attracted well-wishers who, unwittingly, fed him unhealthy treats that ultimately caused his death. Donkeys, basically desert animals, do not thrive when subjected to a diet high in sugar. This experience with Harry introduced us to the goodness of donkeys and inspired us to take on the mission of rescuing abused, abandoned and otherwise at risk donkeys that need a safe and healthy home.