July 2020

GOOD NEWS … all the animals are healthy. The only two small issues are:

  • Bobo, our one mammoth donkey, has some right front hoof issue that we are treating for a possible abscess.
  • Norton, our most recent arrival, had a check-up from a vet that specializes in sight problems.  He has demonstrated a curious concern for walking on our asphalt driveway. The vetsays his eyes look great after a number of tests.

 BIG NEWS … Rancho Burro is embarking on a plan to move to a new facility … a facility capable of providing a better environment for our current animals as well as additional barn space for more needy “long ears”. Another benefit will be much more pasture space for them to roam. It is heart breaking when we have to pass on taking in donkeys that need a home due to space limitations. We have clearly outgrown our current location which is primarily a rural residential, people centric neighborhood. For our new “donkey focused” facility, we have purchased a former cattle ranch in the Edna valley of San Luis Obispo, Ca. This nearby, 45 acre property, is undeveloped land so we face a big project involving electric power, water, roads and ultimately, buildings and pastures.

In an effort to make this happen we have to get busy raising additional funds to help us do it. Some of the possibilities we are looking at are a Go Fund Me campaign, non-profit grants in addition to our current donation mechanisms, PayPal, Facebook and direct donations.

If you are interested in helping us provide our current and future donkeys a better “forever” home, you can donate by clicking here Or with a check to:

Rancho Burro Donkey Sanctuary
1604 Tiffany Ranch Rd.
Arroyo Grande, Ca. 93420

All donations are tax deductible as we are an established 501c3 non-profit and 100% of all donations go for the care of the donkeys. Rancho Burro pays no salaries.