Winter-Spring 2021 Newsletter

A recent, and terrifying event at Rancho Burro was a breakout of the donkeys that resulted in one getting hit by a car. Somehow a back gate was mysteriously opened at night fall, and 10 of the donkeys “hit the road”! Unfortunately, Tutti (pictured with Carlen), our sweet 8-year-old, was picked off by a hit and run woman that we would like to find. Miraculously, she is OK. She has no broken bones and no internal injuries. At the time of the incident there were many great people and vehicles stopping and attempting to help get the donkeys home. However, the perpetrator just drove through the crowd, hit Tutti, and then … drove away. If anyone can identify that person (woman, white car, dented hood, and broken headlight) we would appreciate it.

The most recent rescue arrivals at Rancho Burro are donkeys Polly and Teddy. Two extremely sweet and friendly animals that were made homeless due to a deceased owner.

Polly, a small elderly girl, is challenged with the loss of most of her eyesight and a bone issue affecting her front feet. She is getting along fine thanks to special cushioned boots (and Carlen’s alpaca socks), loving attention, and appropriate stall arrangements. When hungry, she has the cutest cry. Teddy is a standard size donkey with a striking pretty black and silver hair color. Due to a bad diet; Teddy needs to lose some weight, so we are monitoring his food intake. Along this line, we have invested in a large animal scale which will be valuable to keep all the animal’s weight in check.

 A BIG thank you to all our donkey fans that are contributing to Rancho Burro through our website, Facebook and by check. These donations are put to work immediately for food, bedding, and medical supplies. The fact that we are a 501c3 non-profit makes these donations tax free to donors. Pictured is one of our wonderful donors, Sheila, posing with Bobo our mammoth “greeter” donkey. A mammoth donkey is a jack(male) who is over 58”at the withers(shoulder) and a jennet(female) who is over 56”.

Progress on our new sanctuary site on Righetti Road in San Luis Obispo is progressing. Building activity is booming so it is taking more time than we would like.  We are currently waiting for the engineering docs needed to submit to the county for permitting. We have planted 20+ acres of barley on the property so the donkeys will have barley straw to eat, and we have a perimeter fence getting installed. If you ever are out for a drive and want to see Rancho Burro’s future home, the address is 4855 Righetti Road, 93401.

Rancho Burro now has a full-time employee. Arturo Alvarado, who has been employed here part time for years, will take a much larger role caring for the donkeys and maintaining the facility. Welcome Arturo!

Last, but not least, we are very appreciative of our volunteers who are happy to do anything for the donkeys. This is a huge help to us.

The Rancho Burro website is …

Pictures below are: 

New employee Arturo with Tutti, the girl that got hit by the car.

The newest two, Chili and Teddy.

Chili in her new socks and boots.