Resident Donkeys

Donkeys, like horses, exist in many sizes, shapes and color combinations. Simply put, you can place them in three categories, minis, standards and mammoths. Bo is classified as mammoth donkeys.


Poly is a small, female, standard donkey that is believed to be in her late twenties. She came to Rancho Burro with her buddy Teddy when their owner passed away. She had severe eyesight challenges as well as front hoof problems which we are addressing. She is one adorably sweet little girl; always nosing up to us for scratching and any kind of attention she can get. She does the best she can given her health challenges ... a very special spirit.


Teddy, a standard size, male donkey arrived at Rancho Burro in December2020. Teddy is about 15 years old,  so handsome, with a salt and pepper colored coat.   Teddy has a wonderful personality and loves to be hugged and cared for. He is truly a donkey "teddy bear"!  He needs to lose some weight so we will be working on that.  He came to Rancho Burro accompanied by Poly, a smaller female who is close by at all times.

Bella Luna

Bella Luna is a 5 year old female donkey who is Tutti's daughter. Tutti was rescued from a Texas kill pen just before she was to be sent to slaughter.    About a month after Tutti arrived we discovered she was pregnant with Bella. Bella is super high energy,  always into everything with her tail wagging. She is our major mischief maker.


Casanova is one of three donkeys that includes Dory and Chilly, that came to Rancho Burro as an emergency due to their elderly owner's failed health. Casanova is a male standard size donkey, approximately 15 years old.  Sweet as can be!


Dory is approximately 15 years old and a very sweet standard size female donkey. She came to Rancho Burro with Casanova and Chilly.  Dory is in good health and is integrating into the herd very well. Dory is very friendly and is a sucker for scratches by visitors.



Chili is a 30 year old smaller standard size donkey, and came here with Dory and Casanova.   Chile was basically starving to death when she arrived here.  Although all three were being fed the same, Chile is 30 years old and her body was just not absorbing any nutrients.  With a change of diet. we have been able to put some healthy weight on her.  



Norton is a 4 year old male donkey that was isolated in a boarding facility. A vet tipped us off to his dilemma and we got permission to rescue him. After arriving at RBDS Norton got his long hooves trimmed, was given a check-up and got his own stall. All our donkeys are fed in stalls to avoid interference but spend most of their time out in the open with the "herd". Norton has integrated well with the other donkeys. He is the most playful of all the donkeys. He encourages the others to play tug of war with various toys.


Rosie is a standard size donkey, who we guess, is about 8 years old. Rosie came to us along with Bo from a ranch in Carmel where the owner died and left a large number of animals.  Rosie is a “live wire” who loves to inspire what we call donkey rodeo. She gets the rest of the herd running around like a bunch of barrel racers. A few of the videos on this site show Rosie at her best.


Bo is a BIG boy, that fits the classification of a mammoth donkey.

Bo is a recent rescue from a ranch in Carmel Ca where he and buddy donkey Rosie, were found abandoned. The owner had died and Bo and 8 other donkeys needed new homes. Bo had some skin issues from being continually wet under his fur coat.   Bo is a mammoth donkey, about 18 years old.  We have been told that he was ridden in a past Rose Parade.

We have installed Bo as our official greeter since he is so sweet and always the first to welcome visitors.

Gracie and Henry

Gracie and Henry, two standard size, silver color donkeys, came to us based on on a tip from a friend who knew about their dilemma. They were residing at a Creston, Ca. ranch where they were getting no care. They both had overgrown hooves that had not been trimmed for years and they were severely crippled by them.  Heartbreaking. and yet, having endured this pain and hardship, these two are as gentle and sweet as can be.   

 We estimate Gracie is about 15 and Henry about 10 years old. They are very close buddies and can always be found together.


Ruby, the only mule at RBDS, (a mule being half horse and half donkey), was rescued from a Texas holding pen where she was shortly going to be trucked off to a rendering plant in Mexico. Ruby, of draft animal build, is believed to be 22 years old. Ruby is a beautiful red color with a blond mane. Her years have resulted in warn teeth that make it hard to chew hay effectively, so she gets a diet of hay cubes that she can eat. Despite the fact that she is different from the rest of the herd is not a problem at all. She and Jojo are“ buddies”


Tutti, a 6 year old, standard size female, came to RBDS from a Texas holding pen where she had only days before being sent to slaughter in Mexico. She is the sweetest donkey at RBDS; giving credence to the notion that rescued animals seem to know the score. Surprisingly, Tutti, turned out to be “with child” when she arrived via cross country transporter.

Tutti gave birth to Bella Luna, who now, at 5 years old, looks just like Tutti.


Jojo, the most “laid back” member of the group, is 23 years old and has the classic burro markings; a cross on top of his light brown torso. Before joining the RBDS herd, Jojo was the victim of bad cowboy roping practice and bad diet. Consequently, he suffered a significant amount of physical and mental damage.   In spite of his horrible past,   Jojo is the best boy!