Resident Donkeys

Donkeys, like horses, exist in many sizes, shapes and colors. Simply put, you can place them in three categories, minis, standards and mammoths. Lolita and Peanut are classified as mammoth donkeys.


Norton is a 4 year old boy that was stuck in a boarding facility w/o any buddies. After arriving at RBDS he had his long hoofs trimmed and was given his own stall. Now he has many buddies.


Rosie is a rare, white, standard size donkeys, who we guess, is about 8 years old. Rosie came to us along with Bo from a ranch in Carmel where the owner died and left a large number of animals to fend for them selves. Rosie is a “live wire” who loves to inspire what we call donkey rodeo. She gets the rest of the herd running around like a bunch of barrel racers. A few of the videos on this site show Rosie at her best.


Bo is a recent rescue from a ranch in Carmel Ca where he and buddy donkey Rosie, were found abandoned. The owner had died and Bo and 8 other abandoned donkeys were discovered by a neighbor. Bo had some skin issues from being continually wet under his fur coat but that has been taken care of. Bo is a mammoth donkey, about 18 years old. Someone that claims to have known a previous owner of Bo says that he was ridden in a past Rose Parade.

Gracie and Henry

Gracie and Henry, two standard size, silver color donkeys, came to us based on on a tip from a friend who knew about their dilemma. They were residing at a Creston, Ca. ranch where they were getting no care. They both had long, overgrown hoofs which, in normal circumstances, should have been trimmed by an equine ferrier. We have been trimming their hoofs gradually to get them to where they should be. We estimate Gracie is about 15 and Henry about 10 years old. They are very close buddies and spend most of their time together.


Ruby, the only mule at RBDS, (a mule being half horse and half donkey), was rescued from a Texas holding pen where she was shortly going to be trucked off to a rendering plant in Mexico. Ruby, of draft animal build, is believed to be 22 years old. Ruby is a beautiful red color with a blond mane. Her years have resulted in warn teeth that make it hard to chew hay effectively, so she gets a diet of hay cubes that she can eat. Despite the fact that she is different from the rest of the herd is not a problem at all. She and Jojo are“ buddies”

Baby Bella Luna

Baby Bella Luna, another high energy donkey, was born six months after Tutti’s arrival. Bella, feels the need to be center stage in all happenings.

Bella Luna, now 2 years old, looks like very much like her mother Tutti. They are good buddies that can always be found together.  Unique to her, Bella’s tail is always wagging like an excited dog’s.


Tutti, a 6 year old, standard size female, came to RBDS from a Texas holding pen where she had only days before being sent to slaughter in Mexico. She is the sweetest donkey at RBDS; giving credence to the notion that rescued animals seem to know the score. Surprisingly, Tutti, turned out to be “with child” when she arrived via cross country transporter.


Jojo, the most “laid back” member of the group, is one of only two males in the Rancho Burro herd. Jojo is 23 years old and has the classic burro markings; a cross on top of his light brown torso. Before joining the RBDS herd, Jojo was the victim of bad cowboy roping practice and bad diet. Consequently, he suffered a significant amount of physical and mental damage. However, he has made great progress overcoming those problems in recent years.